Ustka Weather

Ustka weather is great for beach vacations and family holidays. Ustka Poland receives plenty of sunshine which makes the town a favorite place to have picnics and for day or night swimming in the Baltic Sea especially during the warm summer months.

Tourists and visitors will be glad to know that heavy rain fall and storms are not an issue in Ustka. Poland receives 600 millimeters of rain annually. Most of the heavy rains happen in the mountainous regions and those located in the central regions and not in Northern Poland where Ustka is located.

Spring in Ustka usually starts from the month of April; it’s when lots of foreign visitors start arriving to experience grand Ustka vacations. Spring brings in sunny days and almost clear skies just perfect for a day in Ustka beaches.

The months of June, July and August is the summer months in Poland. These months are also considered the peak tourist season for Ustka tourism. Thousands of locals and foreign tourists flock to Ustka to enjoy the warm waters of the Baltic Sea. They come to see some of the historical places this beach resort town has to offer. Many of the popular Ustka hotels are fully booked come summer.

Ustka is Poland’s Summer Capital. Though there are many beach side towns and cities nearby, nothing beats Ustka as the prime tourist destination in Poland. The city has been awarded as the Star of Sands by a local travel magazine for many years, cementing its claim as the best beach resort town in Poland, if not the whole of Central Europe. The modernization of facilities like transportation plus the opening of new and modern Ustka hotels helped in bringing more tourists to Poland’s most popular beach destination.

There are just a few rainy days in Ustka during summer. The temperature during this season is around 18 degrees Celsius or 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature recorded in Ustka during summer is 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. But this spike in temperature is a rare event so you don’t have to worry about Ustka being too hot to enjoy the sea and the outdoor.

If you are on a trip to Ustka Poland it’s recommended to wear light clothes during day time. Don’t forget to bring some sweaters and some warm clothing for it gets a little cold in the middle of the night brought by the cold winds from the Baltic Sea.

Ustka weather during autumn is also relatively dry and heavily influenced by sub-tropical air mass from the Baltic Sea. This still provides lots of sunny days for beach bums to enjoy the waters.

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