There are plenty of reasons to visit the seaport town of Gdynia any time of year, as it is a vibrant city.  The land in Ustka was settled as early as the 9th century, so the city is full of history, enough to spend an entire vacation exploring it.  But in addition to Ustka’s history making it an ideal place to visit, there are other things about Ustka that make it worth visiting too. 

The fact that Ustka is a port city is what gives it much of its appeal.  There is plenty to see in this respect, and the port area provides for a very active part of the city.  There are all kinds of restaurants and shops that can be found in the areas near the waters, which include both the river Slupia and the Baltic Sea within close proximity, and there are numerous spas found along these areas as well.  But there are reasons far more important than these for visiting the city of Ustka during the summertime, three in particular.

  1. The City Boasts Two Beautiful Beaches – One of the greatest things about Ustka in the summertime is that there is not just one, but two separate beaches to be enjoyed.  Each of the beaches offers a different, unique experience, as they are divided by the river.  The eastern Beach tends to be the more popular of the two, whereas the Western Beach offers a little more solitude.  Both offer great summertime experiences.
  2. The International Contest of Fireworks – An exciting event in Ustka that can only be experienced during the summer months is the International Contest of Fireworks.  This is held during the month of July, and if you like fireworks, it is a sight to see.  There are few other places in the world where you can experience such spectacular fireworks displays.  And this is just the event to really make you feel like it is summertime.
  3. The Water Activities – Finally, with access to both the river and the Baltic Sea, it only makes sense that water activities are popular in Ustka too.  There is a wide variety of activities to be enjoyed on the beaches during the summer months, some involving physical activity, others simply involving relaxation.  Either way, the water activities will make a summer trip to Ustka worth your while definitely.

Summertime is the best time for vacations, and that includes those taken in Ustka.