Poland is among the countries good to visit. With its different places and top destinations it is popular for, you would definitely enjoy the rest of your vacation in here.

Just like other countries, several cities and municipalities are also available in Poland. From historic places down to a place where you can enjoy the kind of ambiance you like, everything you need can be found in here.

Among the things you can do in visiting Ustka, Poland are visiting its top destinations, avail of those activities you can do, try of the dishes they offer, and learn more about their history and such. And with this article, we will tell you more about the place and why would you enjoy your stay in there.

Destinations and Attractions

Just like other places, attractions are the main reason why we end up visiting a certain place for a vacation. Ustka, Poland has something to do with that too.

There are several tourist spots you can see at Ustka. The Eastern Beach and the Western Beach are just some of the known tourist destination by most. But between the two of them, the Eastern Beach is more known than the Western Beach.

The Western Beach runs into the territory of the Navy Training Center which limits the access beyond a certain point in the west which is the reason it is not that popular compare to the eastern. But nonetheless, the beach was developed and facilitated with several bars, restaurants, and even a concert hall.

On the other hand, the Eastern Beach is more prone to “abrasia” or the erosion of the sea. The maintenance of the beach is one the things Ustka authorities are spending investment of. This is because Eastern Beach is signified by high sand cliffs compare to the Western Beach which is flat.

Moreover, near the place is a military exercise area wherein Meteor-type sounding rockets are launched.  Not just that, Ustka is also a host of the annual International Contest of Fireworks, which takes place every mid of July.

Aside from those, you will also be able to see the famous unfinished pier which has been constructed by Germans at the beginning of World War II. You will also enjoy of visiting the lighthouse which was created from 1871, the Main Post Office of 1875, and a church from 1882.

There are more destinations to explore when you go to Ustka and the ones mentioned above are just some of the places you can visit and that you should never miss to see.

Where to Stay?

The moment you step a foot at the place, of course, the place on where we stay is definitely the one that would we need beforehand.

In visiting Ustka, you have wide selection of hotels on where you can book your stay. From the different ambiance according to your preferences down to the things that would surprise you, you can ensure that every hotel the place has would provide you all the things you need.

There are several hotels where you can stay at Ustka. Depending on the price and ambiance you like, you have choices to choose for.

Among the hotels where you can stay is the Hotel Royal Baltic. It is located only 150 metres from the beach in Ustka seaside resort. It offers elegant interiors, spa facilities, and Wi-Fi in the hall and restaurant which would connect you to the internet anytime. Amenities of each room come with a flat-screen TV with cable and satellite channels. Some rooms feature a balcony overlooking the pine forest and the outside scenery the place has.

You too can try the 4 start Hotel Lubicz which is located at Grunwaldzka 14, 76-270 Ustka, Poland. This stylish building is just a 10 minute walk from Ustka’s beach. Its amenities include spa facilities with a swimming pool. Each room comes with free internet and LCD TV which you and your family or friends would definitely enjoy too.

Bursztynowa, the hotel restaurant serves varieties of buffet breakfast which specializes in Polish and Mediterranean cuisines which you can try. Beer and such drinks are allowed at the hotel’s bar which is perfect for parties.

If you are looking for an ambiance of hotel accommodation that would suit of this generation, Villa Red is a perfect place to stay during your stay at Ustka. Located in the resort town of Ustka, you will be able to see this hotel. The hotel offers air conditioned rooms with cable TV and free Wi-Fi which are mainly the things every vacationist needs. Free private parking is also available should you be bringing or renting cars the entire stay you have at the place.

A brief history about the past of the hotel, this was a 19th century building which features a tower and 3 terraces with the views of the Baltic Sea long before. But later on, was renovated to the present styled building it has.

Ustka is just one of the places you can visit in Poland. It may not that familiar yet for many but when you get to visit the place, you would really see the beauty it has and know why it is one of the highly recommended destinations by many. When you plan to stay sometime around in Poland, at least now, you know that Ustka is just one of the places you can stay at.