There are many great cities to visit in Poland, both old and new, but one city that gets a lot of attention is the little port town of Ustka.  Its location so close to the water is the reason for it being so popular among tourist, and there are numerous water-related activities to enjoy.  The Baltic Sea provides a beautiful backdrop for Ustka’s beaches, of which there are two that include the Eastern Beach and the Western Beach.  A river divides the two beaches, and each of them hosts a variety of activities throughout the year, particularly during the warmer months of spring, summer, and fall.  The best thing about the two different beaches, though, is that they are each characterized by very different scenery. A further explanation of each will show you exactly why you have to visit both when you are taking a holiday in Ustka Poland.

Eastern Beach – Eastern Beach is characterized by rougher terrain than Western Beach, with sandy cliffs being the main focal point that makes this particular beach the more popular of the two.  There is also much more to do in and around Eastern Beach as well, as there are more restaurants, and more bars, as well as a concert hall where beach goers can attend a concert during summer months if they are there at the right time.  Another thing that makes this beach much different from Western Beach is the fact that is slowly disappearing into the Baltic Sea, so it should be enjoyed while it still can be.

Western Beach – Western Beach is a bit less popular than Eastern Beach, but it is still beautiful nonetheless.  This particular beach is much flatter and much more characteristic of a true to form beach.  Western Beach is also the beach in Ustka that leads to the naval training center, which is why part of it has had blocked access in the past.  Even though there is less to do when you visit Western Beach, it is still well worth visiting at some point during your stay, even if Eastern Beach is where you will spend more of your time.

There is no shortage of things to do in Ustka Poland, regardless of what time of year you visit.  But being that it is located so close to the Baltic Sea it only makes sense to make sure you visit both beaches.