Ustka Restaurants

There are many things to see and do in the beautiful Ustka region of Poland, and finding time for everything will not be easy, but one of the activities you will spend the most time on during your visit is dining. What you do not want to do, though, is spend a lot of time on researching the area restaurants in order to find the ones you think you might like and want to try. Many people wait until they get to their travel destination before looking to see what is available in the way of local cuisine and the restaurants there are to choose from, but this wastes valuable vacation time that you could be spending doing something more vacation-like. And one of the top vacation-like things that people like to do is actually try out the local food.

If you know which places to visit before you get to your Ustka destination then you can get right to it, and you will have more time to try more places. There are a few Ustka restaurants in particular that are ideal for trying Polish food. Some offer more traditional dishes, while others offer a more modern twist on Polish flavors, so you will want to include a good mix of some of the following restaurants in order to get the full culinary experience.

  • Stara Pierogarnia – Polish cuisine is characterized by simple, yet wholesome ingredients that can satisfy any type of diet, big or small, whether you’re a picky eater or not. Many of the most popular dishes are variations of dishes from other areas of the world and one such popular menu item is the kebab, also referred to as a Doner Kebab. In other countries this is the same as a Gyro, which is a very popular Greek variation on what is basically a sandwich. What makes a kebab different from your typical sandwich or Gyro, though, is mainly the addition of cabbage to the ingredients. In addition to the cabbage there can be almost anything, including vegetables and sauces. What you do not see often on a kebab are cheeses, something traditionally added to sandwiches in many cities around the world. Most of the kebabs served at Stara Pierogarnia include a meat, cabbage, and sauce in addition to tomato, cucumber, and onion. They may also be served on one of a number of different types of bread-like items, including a bun and a tortilla. A kebab is definitely a must trying when visiting Ustka Poland.
    Another popular Polish food item that is served at Stara Pierogarnia is the Polish dumpling, also called a pierogi. These are unlike dumplings in many countries because these are filled, and they can be filled with a wide variety of different ingredients. Unlike dumplings served in Western countries, these are not simply dough dropped into hot liquid but rather a whole meal inside a dumpling. Some of the popular varieties served in this particular restaurant include the broccoli and mozzarella, buckwheat groats and cottage cheese, cabbage and mushrooms, and spinach and salmon dumplings. Any of these will give you a true idea as to just how versatile something as simple as a dumpling can be, and all of them are a testament to the quality of the Polish food served at Stara Pierogarnia.
  • Korsarz – There are many things that make Korsarz a great restaurant, and popular among tourists too, including the fact that it sits pretty much directly on the water, but what really makes the restaurant special is the food. The restaurant offers an eclectic mix of both traditional and more modern Polish dishes, and is considerably expensive. For good Polish dishes served in the right atmosphere the money is worth it. An important thing to consider, though, is that this not an elegant restaurant but more of a restaurant bar type atmosphere. The simple dishes served are the kind that you would expect in such an establishment, so if you are looking for elegant Polish dishes that you can hardly pronounce this is probably not the restaurant for you. For those looking to have a few beers and some simple Polish food this restaurant is definitely a treat though. Some of the popular menu items to give a try at the Korsarz Bar include the Pork Tenderloin on the Bone, the Fried Cabbage and Cod, and the Dumplings w/ Cheese. You may not want Korsarz to be the place you go to for your main dinner out, but it is definitely worth a visit for a relaxing, laid-back lunch or dinner.
  • City Bar – Another popular Polish cuisine dining spot is the City Bar, which is considerably more elegant than the two restaurants mentioned previously in regards to the flavors. Although the name denotes the image of a bar, the restaurant is well-known for its delicious food in addition to its unique drinks. One unusual thing about the City Bar restaurant is that it is a self-serve, or what some people call a buffet, style restaurant. For this reason the dishes often change, and tourists who visit the restaurant will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of different indigenous foods. You can try everything from salads to pierogies to meats here, some with a Polish twist and some otherwise, but all delicious all the same. This is the place to go if you want variety and you don’t mind serving yourself, and if you want a good meal for a good price.

There are plenty of options for dining in Ustka, but not all of them will allow you to try the local flavors. There are a few other Polish cuisine serving restaurants within the Ustka area as well, but these three tend to be known by the locals as some of the favorites. Be sure to try each of them so that you can get the entire Polish cuisine experience while you are visiting Ustka Poland.