Unravel History and Mysteries in Ustka

Ustka Poland is known as one of the best beach resorts in Europe and has received prestigious travel awards from different award giving bodies and travel magazines; that’s why tourists and visitors in Central Europe prefers to pass by, discover and explore this Polish town.

Ustka is located in Northern Poland at the shores of the Baltic Sea. The 2 beaches of Ustka is the prime attraction in the city. But aside from these beaches, this resort town has more things to offer especially for travelers who love history and architecture.

Ustka is steeped in history and plays a major role in the development of Poland as a country. This city was once known as a fishing town and a major port in the Baltic Sea during the last World War. Because of the city’s strategic location, it served as one of the important supply route in Central Europe. After the war, Ustka became famous as a boat making city specializing in life rafts and small boats.

Today, many of the shipyards were replaced by world class hotels, restaurants and other tourist oriented establishments for tourism is now the major income generating industry in the city. Though many old buildings were destroyed during the war years, there are still some historical buildings that remain standing as witnesses to the passing of times. Many landmarks and monuments were also built in honor of the braves and great residents of the past. Thus, exploring Ustka is to see how the modern times co-exist harmoniously with the remnants of the past.

Here are some of the famous Ustka landmarks and buildings you should visit during your Ustka vacations:

  • Ustka Mermaid

The locals are so fond of the mystical creature, the mermaid. People in Ustka has a long relationship with the sea and it is no wonder that local folklores about sea creatures like the mermaid became part of their own unique history and culture. The mermaid is seen on the city’s Coat of Arms. Many popular souvenirs like mugs and shirts are also printed with the Ustka Mermaid.

One of the most popular monuments of the Ustka Mermaid was the one created by Mickhael Rosa that was unveiled in 2010.

  • Memorial Plaque for General Sosabowskiemu

General Sosabowskiemu was the founder and commander of the Independent Parachute. He had an active hand over the Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation in WWII.

  • Ustka Museum

The Ustka Museum was completed in 2000. It houses many replicas and artifacts that tell the story and rich culture of the people of Ustka.

  • Baltic Art Gallery

This gallery located near the port houses some of the great works of local painters, sculptors, and graphic artists.

  • Museum of Minerals

A museum that kids will love for they can find different fossils, dinosaur skeletons, different crystals and hundreds of sea shells.

  • People of the Sea Monument

One of the most loved landmarks in Ustka is the People of the Sea monument where you can see a mother looking out to the sea waiting for her sons to come back.

Other places of interest in Ustka Poland include the Railway Station, the Battery Bunkers, The Red Sheds and the Chopin Monument.

It’s not every day when you can stand amidst reminders of the past yet modern facilities and amenities are also within reach. When you visit Ustka for a vacation you will experience this and hopefully will realize how appreciation of the past can lead to rewarding future and great vacation memories.