Let Ustka Captivates You

Are you a backpacker and plans to conquer Europe? Are you newlyweds and looking for a perfect place to spend your honeymoon? Or simply wants to try something new, something away from the tried and tested path but offers wonderful adventure? If you answer yes to any of the questions then you have to come to Ustka in Poland.

Poland’s most famous city when it comes to beach vacations and romantic holidays is the city of Ustka in the northern part of the country. Blessed with lots of sunshine and the warm waters of the Baltic Sea, Ustka is on the rise as one of Central Europe’s premier tourist destinations.

Ustka offers choices to travelers and visitors even in its beautiful beaches! Ustka has 2 beaches each with its own charm, the Eastern and the Western Beach.

For party lovers and those who love seeing lively crowd at the beach area enjoying all sorts of water sports like swimming, riding Jet Ski, beach volleyball and others, the Eastern Beach is the one for you! An added charm to this beach is its wonderful cliff sand that makes a more scenic backdrop for all your photos and souvenirs.

For those who wants a relaxing day at the beach where you can luxuriously lounge and do nothing but nap, read your favorite book or swim graciously through the warm waters of the Baltic Sea and be as far away from crowd, Western Beach is ideal for you. This is also the beach favored by more honeymooners and couples on getaways.

Attractions in Ustka do not end with the wonderful beaches. Take time to explore the town and uncover its rich history and tradition. One area that you should not miss visiting is the Promenade. This seaside promenade was built in 1875. During those times, the city government has always hired the services of various Czech orchestras to entertain guests and attract more visitors. Now, the Promenade is more popular and more attractive for it is the center of commerce in the city with different shops, hotels and restaurants near its vicinity.

Do you want to party the night away during your vacation? Yes you can! Nightlife scenes and entertainment centers are lively, pulsating and entices visitors to discover their inner grove. There are so many choices when it comes to bars, night clubs, disco houses, chill places to visit. Party with the locals and paint the town red!

For those who spent all day at the beach and wants to cool down and relax some more, you should try out the cold baths of the famous bathhouses located in the Benioskiego Street. These baths and spa offers relaxing treatments and massages to sooth your tired muscles and to rejuvenate your body for more beach action for days to come.

Ustka may not be the most visited city in Europe but even this fact adds to this city’s charm. This only means that Ustka is not overrun with tourists yet and there are still lots of things awaiting discovery. Come to Ustka on your next holiday and discover what secrets this city holds. You’ll surely be captivated and will want to come back to Ustka again and again.