Best of Ustka Beaches

One of the best beach destinations in Central Europe is the city of Ustka in Northern Poland. Ustka maybe near other seaside cities in the Baltic Sea but noting can compare to its natural beauty. Clean waters as evidenced by various travel awards that has been bestowed on the city for the past years.

Ustka beaches are great for family vacations and bonding time with friends. The weather in Ustka is mild and the waters of the Baltic Sea are always calm making the beaches here a perfect place to unwind after a busy work week. An added advantage is that many Ustka hotels and restaurants are line up near the shores which make things very convenient for local and foreign tourists.

There are 2 main beaches in Ustka Poland: the Eastern beach and the Western Beach. These beaches are just separated by the famous Slupia River. Beach hopping is very possible as you can visit and explore the two beaches by riding a ferry or by crossing the bridge. Each beach has its own charm and appeal and you can certainly pick the beach most suited to your taste.

The Eastern Beach is the more popular beach in Ustka. This beach is located near the town center and is very near to various hotels and popular landmarks. The area around the Eastern Beach is highly developed with dozens of restaurants, concert halls, theaters, souvenir shops. Another popular feature of the Eastern Beach is its natural sand cliffs that are awesome and very picturesque. For those who want to party, then choosing to stay in Eastern Beach is a good decision. This area is considered as the entertainment center. It’s here where you can find the finest night clubs and entertainment spots.

For travelers who want to have a relaxing time at the beach, you can go to Ustka’s Western Beach. Unlike the Eastern Beach, this place is flat and devoid of the natural sand cliffs. This beach also offers a more quite setting perfect for a day of catching up with your reading, sun bathing and swimming.

After a fun filled day at the beach, you can go and relax some more at some of Ustka’s health spas, massage parlors and its famous bathhouses.

Thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Ustka every summer. If you plan to come here in Ustka during this time, making a hotel reservation is highly recommended.

No matter the beach that you choose to visit as long as it’s in Ustka, your vacation and holiday will be fun! It’s time to get your sunscreen and bikinis ready and come to Ustka and enjoy an awesome beach vacation! Ustka welcomes you warmly.