Ustka Attractions

Ustka Poland is one of the fastest rising tourist destinations in Central Europe. Over the years, Ustka has garnered several tourism awards like the “Stars on Sand” awarded by the local magazine called Polityka. Ustka is also known as the Pearl of the Baltic Sea and the Summer Capital of Poland thanks to its popular beaches.

The town features 2 Ustka beaches, the Eastern Beach and the Western Beach. These beaches are separated only by the river Slupia.

If you are looking for lively action, then the Eastern Beach is the one for you. Tourists love its sandy beach that is lined by a well maintained waterfront promenade. It’s where you can find concert halls, bars, restaurants, parks and different Ustka hotels. One of the best characteristics of the Eastern Beach is that it has some sand cliffs that can reach up to 50 feet in height.

The Western Beach is for those who want to get away from the crowd and enjoy a more relaxing holiday. Unlike the Eastern Beach, with its sand cliffs, the Western Beach of Ustka is flat which makes it great for family beach vacations.

You can still enjoy the best of both beaches; going across them is easy and fast through a ferry ride or via the bridge located just a few blocks from the town center.

There are many attractions in the town. One of the most visited is the Lighthouse. This beacon to sailors was built in 1892 and is made mostly of red bricks. The lighthouse purposed was to help sailors navigate the Baltic Sea and for them to avoid shallow waters in some points of Ustka’s shores. Today, visitors troop to this place for a view of the amazing waters of the Baltic Sea.

The Church of the Holy Savior is also a must see building in Ustka Poland. This church was constructed when the old church, Church of Saint Nicolas, became too small to accommodate all the mass-goers. The building was finished in 1888 and holds various ornaments and important artifacts coming from the former church. If you love history, take time to visit this church.

Another popular landmark is the Ustka Mermaid built by Josef Thorak in 1922. The mermaid is an important symbol for the town for it symbolizes the main source of income of the town for many generations which is fishing. The mermaid is also part of the coat of arms of Ustka.

The statue of the composer Fryderyk Chopin standing on a piano looking towards the Baltic Sea is also a tourist favorite spot for photo souvenirs. This monument can be found at the center of the seaside promenade.

After a long day of fun in the beach or strolling along the boardwalk, visitors can come to the Usti Bathrooms to relax and unwind. The baths offer cold water to freshen up your body as well as special treatments like salt baths, mud baths and body massage perfect to cap off your day.

See these fascinating landmarks and enjoy Ustka Beaches. Treat yourself to a wonderful and amazing Ustka holiday!