Ustka Poland is a town in the Middle Pomerania region with a population of 17,100 as of 2001. This Polish city is on the Baltic Sea and is known as one of the best bathing resorts. Every year there are more tourists from around the world because of the beauty, the action, and the many high quality Ustka Hotels.

With the river Slupia dividing two beaches, and the city located close to the center, it isn’t any surprise that Ustka has won several prestigious awards as the best summer resort. The eastern beach is the more popular one with a concert hall and most importantly, many bars and restaurants.

Where Do These Tourists Stay?

The Ustka hotels offer some of the best amenities in Poland because of the excellent service and luxurious comfort. Choose one that is near Bateria Bluchera and be close to all the tourists’ sites. Or choose the Hotel Rejs for a friendly, quiet, peaceful lodging that is still centrally located. There is an exquisite range of Ustka hotels to choose from, that are guaranteed not to disappoint such as these:

A Polish coast retreat where people from around the world come to relax. Here, they enjoy nature’s sounds, and a restaurant overlooking the Baltic sea as they enjoy delicious cakes and desserts. The thermal pools will levitate you as you listen to the underwater music. Located at the resort heart with 30 rooms to welcome the guests. 

Located 150 m from the Baltic Sea, the Jantar Hotel still has the charm from pre-WW II in the conservatory, room interiors, and treatment area. Besides all new modern equipment, there is professional rehabilitation and wellness treatment, made ready with effective professional preparations. The Amber Restaurant serve buffet style delicious breakfasts, lunches that are nutritious and tasty and rich tasting dinners.

In the center of Ustka are the Holiday House “Mistral” and Mistral II with the Baltic Sea only 200 meters away and Seaside Promenade. The Marynarki Polskiej Street is less than 60 m away where you’ll find bars, restaurants, and shops.  Sitting on a narrow street of the old fisherman’s area of the city, the character and climate bring back the feel of years ago. There are 16 guest rooms fully furnished, each with a kitchenette and bathroom, and more importantly, for families with children, or a business trip, beach equipment, satellite TV, and wi-fi.


The accommodations is comfortable and pleasant with various room types that will fit any needs and preferences. Besides being in the cozy square where Lovers fountain creates a beautiful view, St. Hubert Restaurant is a well-known restaurant for their international cuisine and traditional specialties.   

What To While In Ustka

While in Ustka, be sure to spend some time in the fishermen’s quarter at the pier, have lunch at a port restaurant. Walk the mobile bridge between east and west sides of town. Take a walk on the beach and take in the sights and smells unique to Ustka.