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Great weather and the warm waters of the Baltic Sea beckon everyone to visit the beautiful town of Ustka Poland. Fast becoming a major tourism destination in Central Europe, this beach resort town in Poland is seeing robust development and the rise of magnificent Ustka hotels. Ustka tourism is definitely booming, in fact the town already receives numerous local and foreign travel awards from prestigious organizations. Ustka economy used to be driven by its shipyard and fishing industry. But today, tourism is the leading source of income for the town. Ustka Poland is the perfect summer destination in Europe and is ideal for family beach vacations and couples holiday. Summer is the peak season for tourists and most of the Ustka hotels are fully booked by then. Ustka’s main tourist attractions are its two beautiful beaches, the Eastern Beach and the Western Beach separated only by the Slupia River. The Eastern Beach is the more popular beach for it is near the main center of the town. The town center is also where you can find various establishments such as restaurants, shopping arcades and different Ustka accommodations. The Western beach on the other hand is a more quite beach and is great for family vacations. You can go beach hopping between Eastern and Western beaches by riding a ferry; an alternative is to take the bridge that connects both Ustka beaches located in the western part of the town. With beautiful surroundings and modern amenities, medical tourism is also booming in Ustka. There are now a number of world class recovery and rehabilitation centers located all across town. Ustka also host some of the most colorful events and festivities in Poland such as the annual International Contest of Fireworks held every July. Reward yourself, visit Ustka and have a wonderful vacation in this lovely town by the coastline of the Baltic Sea. To get access to the cheapest Poland airline tickets, affordable Ustka accommodations, and complete Ustka vacation packages check out the special deals available in Ustka Hotels. Ustka Hotels brings you closer to one of Europe’s rising star in travel and tourism!